Clarinet Transformation Community Masterclass Performances

2023-05-02 to 2024-01-31 (449 items)


  • Pieces are ordered first by Composer, then by Title. Use the Search box to limit the list. To see what Troy has played, search for troy. To see what Weber pieces have been performed, search for weber. To see what was played in Yellow group, search yellow. To find performances in October 2023, search 2023-10. Searches are not case-sensitive. Searching for john shows pieces performed by John Gregg and Karen Johnson, plus pieces composed by John Rutter.
  • The table has 5 columns: Composer, Title, Color, When, and Who. On smaller screens some columns may be hidden to save space. Tap the icon to the left of the composer name to see the extra columns.
  • Search works even on small screens, but you may need to hide your keyboard after typing the search phrase before you can see the results.
  • Color groups: Red, Blue, and Yellow groups are geographically based. The session replays are available only to group members. (Talk to Michelle for the full explanation.). Replays for the other color groups are available to everyone from the ‘Events’ section of the Circle website. Orange=All Levels, Acqua=New/Returning Players, Pink=Intermediate, Green=Advanced, Brown=Special Sessions.
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