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  • Tips to Tame Your Altissimo

    Kristen Thompson, co-founder of Digital Clarinet Academy, talks through common issues facing clarinetists in the altissimo. Learn what it means to “stay tall,” over-voice and under-voice, and special tips and tricks to help you tame your altissimo! Related Posts Moving Smoothly From Clarion to Altissimo Fix Clarinet Undertone — 5… Read more

  • Studio Microphone Buyers Guide

    A non-clarinet-specific guide from Sweetwater. Types of microphones, How to read a microphone frequency response chart, Understanding microphone polar patterns. Understanding microphone diaphragm sizes. Typical microphone applications Read more

  • “Unboxing” of Easy Virtual Choir: our first video

    Introducing the KLM Trio: Karen, Lou, and Marilyn. This is our very first experience producing a music video with Easy Virtual Choir (EVC). All of the recording and video creation was done online using the Chrome browser running on a desktop/laptop computer. Karen and Lou had never recorded online before,… Read more