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Odds and ends of clarinet tech and training

“Voicing” Components: Vocal Cords, Larynx, Tongue, Soft Palette


These videos by New York Vocal Coaching are from a series on voice imitation. The concept is that vocal sounds vary based on four parts of the anatomy: vocal cords, larynx, tongue, and soft palate. The voice imitator must learn to control all four parts. The videos both discuss the anatomy and give exercises to develop better control.

Perhaps our clarinet voicing is related to the Vocal Cords, or Larynx or Soft Palate instead of (or in addition to) the Tongue. On the other hand, some of the goals of vocalists may be different than those of clarinetists. How to develop control — and how to tell whether we have control — is probably useful. Specifics, like whether we want to raise or lower our larynx may be different for clarinet vs voice.

Component Focus #1 – “How Do I Control My Vocal Cords?” – Voice Breakdown – YouTube

  • What Are Vocal Cords?
  • Pitch Wave
  • Compression/Decompression

Component Focus #2 – “How Do I Control My Larynx?” – Voice Breakdown

  • The Larynx
  • Pitch Changer
  • Sustain Exercise
  • WOW Exercise

Component Focus #3 – “How Do I Control My Tongue?” – Voice Breakdown

  • The Tongue
  • Exercise #1
  • Back of Tongue Slides
  • Front of Tongue Slide
  • Exercise #3
  • Locked “ng” with Front of Tongue
  • Exercise #4
  • Tongue Clench

Component Focus #4 – “How Do I Control My Soft Palate?” – Voice Breakdown

  • Exercise
  • The AH
  • Speaking Through the Nose
  • Voice Imitation
  • Plosive Buildup

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