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Odds and ends of clarinet tech and training

Fantasia from Weber Quintet Op. 34


Some masterclass videos on the Weber Fantasia. This content is from a group run by Deborah Andrus. Debbie was unavailable for this session. I was hosting, and Michelle Anderson was mentoring.

Bars 5-22

Concepts: Phrase entrance prep, Ornamentation and rubato, 3-octave leap from E3 to E6

Bars 31-39

Concepts: 3-octave leap from E3 to E6; how literally to take the written rhythm

Bars 41-58

Concepts: Rhythm precision; subdivision; dynamics and phrasing; mood and timbre

Bars 41-End

Concepts: Phrase entrance prep; tension; experiment with timbre; altissimo A. Plus some questions about note accuracy in Michelle’s Music Club edition of the score.

David Shifrin Recording

Bars 28-30

Additional material from Debbie in February 2024. Explanation of complex rhythm.

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